We are establishing a strong foothold by providing quality service to top clients hailing from various industries. We are constantly intensifying our presence by addressing all the queries related to embroidery digitization, camera-ready artwork, Badges and patches, engraving production and much more.

Embroidery Digitizing

Being a hub for embroidery digitizing, we employ the leading-edge software (Wilcom & Pulse) at a better extent for this process. We are always keeping our windows open for contemporary trends and technology to ensure that we are offering the best to our customers. Embroidery Digitizing demands attention to detail, effectual working on POFs (Programming Object Files) in order to bring out bespoke designs. We give importance to reducing running time of the design and thread breaks to enhance the aesthetics of the design.

We also do digitizing for PUFF EMBROIDERY

Camera Ready Artwork

Camera-ready art is defined as black and white line art that has sharp, clean lines, requires no retouching, and is complete with text and/or graphics and is ready to be used for both screen printing as well as digital printing.

Our service ensures the complete absence of any dark specks, lines of the design that do not connect, and also the white spots in the areas of black.

Engraving Technology

Engraving stands as one of the foremost core strengths of ours. As the name implies, it is the process that helps in etching out the variety of designs in the "shieds and trophies and gift article" This method offers the opportunity to make stand out and unique designs that will be admired and treasured by the younger generation.

This process aids in making every design unique and also stands as a prominent trendsetting tool of all time. We have proficiency in engraving complicated elements like tattoos, cartoon characters, initials, etc. This is the area that demands a lot of attention to detail and precise settings to deliver an efficient output. When engraved right, it generates a pleasant feel and elevates the aesthetics of your masterpiece garment.

Badges and Patches

Custom badges and patches occupy a prominent place in the art of embroidery as it renders a personal and unique feel to the garment. It is the best way to bring out the embroidered apparel with a pleasant amalgamation of colors as per the requirement. Custom patches are the tail pieces of a garment and it demands a skillful eye for art as it is the final process of bringing out the preferred output. It gives life to the garment by making it more magnificent.

These patches and badges can be added to almost all kinds of embroidery like hat embroidery, etc. If the patchwork is not done right, the feel of the entire pattern will be lost. We understand the importance of the uniqueness and render a special care for custom patch works.

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