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    Colour Separation

    Colour Separation

    Will we ever admire attire in which the colors are like splashed slush? Obviously our answer will be a definite no. Even if it is multicolored dress, we make sure that the inimitability of each color is retained just like the plumes of peacock. This is what 24by7 digitizing also focuses on. We make use of countless number of software to make certain that the process of color separation is done in the best way as possible.

    As we are aware of the need to separate the mixed colors in order to bring out the print stylishly, 24by7 digitizing takes extra effort in the process of color separation. Whether it is on banners or on custom made printed t-shirts for distinguishing diverse colors, 24by7 digitizing adopts instantly tested color separation technologies to depict the obligatory aim in its vividness. We are the ones to comprehend the minutiae concerned in screen printing of multifaceted model in many tinge on printed t-shirts, and therefore have excellent molded our color separation techniques over the being.

    Color separation is an art of bringing out the essence of individual color amidst the amalgamation of colors. The most important thing that is to be kept in mind is the process of color separation. It is because for the apparels with multi-color designs and patterns cannot be printed just like that. A careful and keen progression of colour separation is to be done in order to show the difference in colours. As 24by7 digitizing has recognized the need to distinguish different colors, we make sure that we apply time tested color separation technologies to depict the mandatory design in its vividness, be it on banners or on custom made printed t-shirts.

    We are aware of the ins and outs implicated in color separation of complex patterns in multiple shade on printed t-shirts, banners and consequently have fine- tuned our color separation techniques over the years.

    Colour mixing or multiple colors is the latest trend in the field of dressing. In such a scenario, if the individual colors are not brought out properly, the uniqueness of the shade itself will be lost. Hence, keeping up all this nuances in mind, we 24by7 digitizing makes sure that we do the best to bring out the desired output in a pulchritudinous way.

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